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Your Entrepreneurial Toolbox for Success: Checklists, Ideas, and More!

Top 10 Ways to select Business Systems and Operations

Time saving tips for busy entrepreneurs

Remote job description

Project Management

Job Apps are rolling in. What to do next.

10 mistakes to avoid in project management

Digital Cluttering or Digital Organization Checklist so you can declutter online storage and more.

Digital decluttering

Efficiency Audit Checklist for determing where you have digital clutter.

Efficiency Audit: Digital Decluttering Checklist

10 mistakes to avoid in project management

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Jackie Barker
“Working with Melissa at Polished Biz Solutions has been such a treat! She is extremely organized, detail-oriented and a creative problem-solver. I appreciate the way she takes initiative to get the job done and I highly recommend her!”
Testimnial for services provided by Polished Biz Solutions

"Melissa created SOPs for me to use when looking to hire for my digital marketing agency.

The SOPs were laid out in a very organized manner, so I know exactly what I need to do to find the perfect candidate. I've been needing to hire a few people for a long while but have always been overwhelmed by the process. Melissa has just made it so much easier to get it done!

I highly recommend her services if you're looking for an online business manager!!"

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